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Yealink MeetingBoard leads a revolution in next generation of collaboration space solution, a real all-in-one design that fits all meeting rooms. Powered by Yealink-Genic Premium Audio Processing and Enhanced AI Video Tracking, it delivers an immersive meeting experience that brings everyone into real. MeetingBoard is not just a meeting device - together with native Microsoft Teams App, it gives
you the ultimate fluent digital paper writing experience. People can join the online meeting and do the brainstorming, project planning, problem solving or any other collaboration activities on the cloud whiteboarding service from anywhere at any time.

More flexibility as it is designed with extended Optical PTZ camera, wireless microphones, 2nd touchscreen, windows OPS, upgradable Android OPS module as well as wireless USB-BYOD mode. Just one device but comes with many possibilities to unleash the productivity for work.


Key Features and Benefits

Smart Collaboration Whiteboard
MeetingBoard with native Teams experience is equipped with Android 10. A 65-inch LED touch
screen and the Teams-tailored operation interface bring a rich 4K visual presentation and easy
menu navigation. There are a four-level input smart digital ink recognition feature supported on the
touch - writing with pen tip, navigating with fingers, erasing with pen tail and the palm rejection.
Multi-inking simultaneously is also supported for multi people collaboration on one board to
create and express themselves freely. Most importantly, the Microsoft Teams whiteboarding is a
cloud application that could allow everyone to join and collaborate at any place. The collaborative
diagram, productive templates and the other crucial components are empowering attendees to
gather their innovative ideas efficiently.


Professional Conferencing AI Video Experience
The built in 4K camera is paired with an image sensor that is professional in terms of sharpness,
color rendition and noise handling to provide a FHD video conferencing experience. Not to mention
the classic real time Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, there are more AI based camera
tracking features like Picture in Picture, Presenter Tracking, People Feed and the others would be
supported on MeetingBoard to draw attendees into an immersive conference environment.


Premium Full-Duplex Conferencing Experience
Built-in 16 MEMS beamforming microphone arrays make MeetingBoard have a strong ability
of noise proof and reverberation suppression. The new gen beamforming algorithm, together
with enhanced AI technology of processing on acoustic echo cancellation and the reverberation
suppression, brings high-quality 8m full-duplex call and realizes more precise voice pickup. In
addition, 4+2 stereo microphones provide spatial stereo video, as if all participants are sitting
across the table from each other.

Fit to All Rooms, One Stop Solution
Corporate could be easy to build a complete intelligent meeting space by pairing MeetingBoard
with Yealink Room Panel, Room Sensor, and Touch Console. Not only that, but it also realized just
one tap to achieve seamless switching Windows/Android platforms or BYOD mode, this brings
immeasurable usage possibilities to MeetingBoard. To extend to a medium or large meeting
space, MeetingBoard can also breezes through to cover by connecting with detachable optical
PTZ camera, wireless expansion microphones and cascading dual-touch display.


' ALL-IN-ONE design
' Android 10
' 4K built-in camera
' Electric privacy shutter
' Enhanced AI Noise Cancellation
' Detachable optional PTZ camera for larger space*
' Extended wireless microphones*
' Dual-screen supported
' WIFI6 wireless presentation
' Wireless BYOD*
' Windows OPS Module*
' Upgradeable Android OPS Module
' Teams Whiteboard
' Microsoft Teams certified
' Wall mounted / Floor stand

Yealink MeetingBoard 65 for MS Teams Collaboration

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