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Binaural Wideband Office headset, integrated call control, USB connect, Activegard protection, large ear pad, noise cancel mic, bendable boom.


SC 60 USB CTRL is a deployment-friendly, dual-sided wideband headset compatible with global providers of Uni?ed Communications solutions such as Avaya, Cisco and IBM. With integrated call control unit and USB connector, the SC 60 USB CTRL offers great functionality and convenience with the added benefit of Sennheiser stereo sound. SC 60 USB CTRL is speci?cally designed for the Uni?ed Communications market, where Sennheiser HD voice clarity and maximum call-handling ?exibility can make a genuine difference to productivity.

Features and Bene?ts:

  • Compatible with global providers of Uni?ed Communications solutions and with integrated call control and USB connector
  • Sennheiser HD voice clarity ? wideband sound for a natural listening experience
  • Noise cancelling microphone ? makes speech transmission crystal-clear and suppresses ambient noise in of?ces
  • High-Comfort ? large ear pads in a ultra lightweight headset for relaxed wearing
  • Solid construction ? crafted with look and feel in mind
  • Dual-sided wearing style ? for stereo HD sound reproduction even in noisy environments
  • Bendable boom arm ? ensures microphone position is always optimal. Cannot be twisted out of position
  • ActiveGard? ? technology protects you from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges

Sennheiser SC 60 USB-A Binaural Corded Headset

SKU: 504549
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