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Introducing sensational microphone and camera performance combined with ease-of-use and affordability. The MAXHUB UC-W11 ensures you can enjoy all the benefits of video meetings, at home or in the office, the MAXHUB UC-W11 is the perfect partner for the era of video conferencing.


Clear, Crisp, and Natural Audio
The integrated two high-sensitivity, high-signal-to-noise ratio microphones detect audio from up to 4 meters away. Combined with a proprietary noise reduction algorithm, UC-W11 can detect background noise with a fixed frequency and eliminate background noise. Fan, air conditioning sound, or other noise sound is automatically filtered out and sensational audio quality with no annoying background noise or distortion is delivered.


Sensational Picture Quality
The pioneering 3D-DNR technology and 20 LUX performance qualities ensure crisp and clear visuals for video and photos. Video capture can be achieved in low light conditions, even at 20 LUX, to maintain a good level of noise suppression.


Full HD 1080P Video Captures Every Move
This unique camera configuration ensures that everyone can look their best in any conferencing situation. Relying on 1080P/30fps video capture capability, high definition quality images could be secured even on a 55" screen or above. 2M pixel high-performance sensor used in the security field guarantees a higher quality standard. The  71� DFoV wide angle is specially designed fornetwork video applications, both the definition and the field of view requirement could be perfectly met.


Privacy Shutter Protection
Forget issues with compliance and security. The simple and effective privacy shutter ensures that your camera can only see you when you want it to.


Plug and Play Connectivity
Start your meeting in seconds thanks to a simple plug-and-play design. Simply connect your device with the Type-C USB port and you're ready to go. There's no need for any additional adapters, cables, or drivers. Type-C connection, UAC and UVC standard protocol.



  • Connect with PC via Single USB Cable
  • 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps Frame Rate
  • 2MP High Performance Sensor
  • Personal WebCam with 71� Viewing Angle
  • Manual Privacy Shutter
  • 2 Element Microphone Array
  • 4M Pickup Range
  • Noise Reduction (Blocks unwanted background noise)
  • 1x USB Type-C Connector
  • Plug & Play
  • Compatible with your Favorite Applications Including Zoom & Teams

Maxhub UCW11 1080P USB Webcam

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