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Bluetooth Speakerphone for Teleconference

The MAXHUB BM20 360� Bluetooth speakerphone is a well-rounded performer that supports your every important conference call anytime, anywhere. Its voice pickup range ensures you are heard clearly in your flexible seats. The built-in high-performance dynamic speakers bring you a crystal clear voice experience.


Crystal Clear 

Calls PZM Structure Design

Built-in high-performance large dynamic speakers, with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, and PZM structure design bring you high-quality voice experience.

Omnidirectional� Making Your Voice Heard

A MAXHUB BM20 Speakerphone supports 360-degree omnidirectional audio pickup to receive the voice from every seat in a meeting room.



6-Element Microphones 360� Omnidirectional

4 Metres� Voice Pickup Radius

Set up in Seconds for Mobile Phone, PC or Interactive Flat Panel

Seamless Connection via Bluetooth, a USB cable or an audio cable�

Plug and Play, Instantly operational after connection

Connects up to 3 devices at the same time via Bluetooth + USB cable + audio cable

8 hours long battery life?

Supports 8-hour of Playtime on a single charge with the maximum volume

Maxhub BM20 Speakerphone

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