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Small group video conferencing deserves more than huddling around PC webcams or begging for time on overbooked conference room systems. The ConferenceCam BCC950 combines high quality HD video and crystal clear audio in a simple, amazingly affordable package, so small groups can run their own video conferences anywhere in the office.Designed with small groups in mind,ConferenceCam BCC950 is an all-in-one videoand audio conferencing device ideal for huddlerooms, private offices and small conferencespaces. With professional HD video and crystalclear audio, small groups up to 4 can be seenand heard so no one in the meeting is out of range. Control the call from anywhere in theroom with remote control and on-unit buttons.



All-in-one design combines HD video with high-quality audio clarity
Business-grade video conferencing.

The built-in, full duplex speakerphone and noise-cancelling microphone
Allows all meeting members to hear and be heard clearly up to 6 feet away from the base.

Omni-directional mic pickup and echo cancellation audio
Makes it seem like conversations are happening in the same room.

Remote control and base button control options
Quickly control camera pan, tilt and zoom and volume up/down, mute and answer/hang-up functions during call.

1080p HD up to 30 fps
Business-quality video.

Broad application compatibility
Certified Skype for Business and Skype' and works with most other popular video conferencing platforms.

Plug-and-play compatibility for both PC and Mac' with onboard H.264 encoding
Helps ensure plug-and-play functionality across many video conferencing platforms.

High-quality webcam sensor and Logitech RightLight' 2 technology
Improves visual quality in low light and backlit situations.

Autofocus and razor-sharp optics
Enhance face-to-face collaboration. Advanced Logitech lens technology delivers remarkable video quality with superb resolution, speed, fluidity, color balance, and detail.

A 78-degree field of view and 180-degree video pan
Makes the ConferenceCam ideal for small group meetings.

Camera height extender
Places camera focal point at eye-level for the most flattering video angles.



Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam

SKU: 960-000939
    User documentation
    AC adapter


    78-degree FOV
    H.264 UVC 1.1 / AVC


    Omnidirectional mic pickup
    6ft mic pickup radius
    Microphone bandwidth: 200Hz - 8kHz
    Bandwidth: 220Hz - 20kHz
    Max output level: 80vdB SPL @ 1ft (0.30 meters)


    Almost all video conferencing and web
    conferencing applications are UVC compatible,
    which is why Logitech video and audio products
    work across all applications without needing
    additional software drivers.

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