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Konftel C50300IPx  (Konftel Cam50 + Konftel  300IPx + HUB)


Shine together. Exceptional video conferences.


Konftel C50300IPx Hybrid is a flexible premium video collaboration solution for medium and large meeting rooms, combining the Konftel Cam50 PTZ conference camera and the Konftel 300IPx with OmniSound? audio quality. The Konftel OCC Hub brings the whole kit together, so a single USB cable is all you need to connect the camera, the conference phone and the room?s HDMI screen to the collaboration app on your laptop. The hybrid concept also delivers the freedom to welcome participants via regular phone calls. Connection: SIP.


Impressive optics

The Konftel Cam50 brings exceptional image quality to your video conferences at a fraction of the cost of other comparable conference cams with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom). It is based around premium class optics and outstanding precision ? all the way from the lenses to the image sensor and the technology used to optimize the quality of the video. Even in low light, the image is crisp and clear.


No hassle guarantee

Konftel OCC Hub  is, as the name suggests, the hub of the video collaboration solution, offering One Cable Connection to the conference camera, speakerphone and screen. In practice, this means that the Konftel C50300 Hybrid kit fully supports BYOC ? Bring Your Own Computer, where the user can bring the collaboration service to the meeting room on any laptop with a USB port.


Hybrid conferences

With the Konftel C50300 Hybrid, you?re not limited to VOIP calls in the collaboration app on your laptop. You can welcome participants via regular phone calls. The Konftel 300 series offers true conference phones with both USB and different types of telephone lines. Choose the model that matches your company?s telephony solution: Konftel C50300IPx Hybrid for IP telephony, Konftel C50300Wx Hybrid for wireless DECT, Konftel C50300Mx Hybrid for 3G/GSM or Konftel 300 Analog Hybrid for regular analog telephony. What you get is a flexible premium package for video conferencing with phone calls as a back-up. We call it Hybrid Conferencing.


A sense of presence

Medium and large meeting rooms are the PTZ camera?s natural habitat. A 72.5? field of view creates a sense of presence right from the start and it?s easy to zoom in to a suitable level. And you can test the Konftel Cam50?s  performance by taking the 12x optical zoom all the way. Show notes on a whiteboard or details of a product sample with impressive clarity.


Features at a Glance:


Meeting size: up to 20 people


OmniSound? with HD audio

Exceptional image quality

HD 1080p


12x optical zoom

One Cable Connection Hub


Hybrid: USB and phone line



Expandable with additional microphones


USB 3.0


USB for PC-based video collaboration

Simple installation

Remote control

Free software updates

Two-year warranty


Konftel C50300 IPx Hybrid Video Collaboration Suite

SKU: KONF 953401084


    Product name: Konftel C50300IPx Hybrid
    Item number:  953401084
    Contents: Konftel 300IPx (910101084), network cable (900103402), USB cable (900103388), power cable (900103401) and AC adapter (900102125), Konftel Cam50 (EU, US, AU, UK), 5 m USB cable (type A/type B),  AC adapter (EU, US, AU, UK), power cable, remote control with two AAA batteries, wall bracket, Quick guide, safety declaration, Konftel OCC Hub (900102149), 3 m USB cable , 5 m USB cable (type A/mini B) for Konftel 55/55Wx/300IPx/300Wx/300Mx, 5 m USB cable (type A/micro B) for Konftel Ego, AC adapter (EU, US, AU, UK), Velcro? tape, Quick guide, safety declaration, Installation guide



    Product name: Konftel 300IPx
    Technology: OmniSound? with support for HD audio, full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression.
    Microphone: Omnidirectional 360?.
    Audio coverage: Up to 12 people. With optional expansion microphones (900102113), up to 20 people.
    Connectivity: USB and SIP


    Product name: Konftel Cam50
    Resolution: Full HD 1080p/60 fps
    Zoom: 12x optical zoom
    Focus: Auto
    Field of view: 72.5?
    Remote control: Included
    Wall bracket: Included


    Product name: Konftel OCC Hub
    USB: 3.0
    Driver: DisplayLink

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