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Next-generation professional audio in a portable speakerphone.  Technology for life?s new rhythm.


Speak2 is our first speakerphone range specifically designed and engineered with advanced full duplex audio to let everyone on the call speak and be heard at the same time. This preserves the
natural flow of face-to-face meetings, and makes virtual collaboration easier. The power to interrupt is in your hands. Use it wisely.

Speak2 is the only speakerphone in its class with four ultra-advanced beamforming microphones - more than ever in a Jabra speakerphone - and powerful noise cancellation technology. The mics pick up sound from all directions, expertly filtering out unwanted background noise and making sure voices are loud and crystal-clear. So you won?t miss a thing.

Because different people speak at different volume levels, we?ve added our new cutting-edge Voice Level Normalization technology to Speak2 40. It automatically equalizes all voices to the same volume, so people can speak in the way that comes naturally to them. No need to fiddle with the volume.

A full-range 50mm speaker and wideband audio capture and deliver sound across a wide range of frequencies. So you and your colleagues will hear every nuance of what?s being said, with absolute clarity. Because it?s not what you say, it?s how you say it.

Speak2 40 is certified for all leading virtual meeting platforms, which means it optimizes the whole experience and delivers professional call quality every time. So whether you prefer Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, or another platform, you can rely on seamless plug-and-play connectivity and reliably brilliant meetings. Right from the get-go.

We?ve given the iconic, much-loved ?puck? shape a makeover, with sleek new detailing and a chic fabric speaker cover for improved acoustic performance. And it?s small and durable enough to chuck in a bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Looks great, performs even better.

When you?re juggling work between several locations, you want to know your speakerphone can handle a bit of rough treatment. That?s why we?ve given durability on Speak2 40 a hybrid makeover, with IP64-rated* protection from dust & water, and a smart protective pouch that you can use to keep it safe in your bag. Go anywhere, with no worries.

Speak2 40 is designed for simple setups. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, and join a meeting. That?s it. That?s literally it. It couldn?t be easier.

With half the team on USB C, and the other half still using USB A, the struggle to find tech that suits everyone is real. Cut out the hunt for adapters with Speak2 40. It?s the first speakerphone in its category with both adapters on the same cable, so it?ll work for everyone, now and in the future. You can keep it in tip-top condition with regular firmware upgrades on Jabra Xpress and Direct software, too. Tomorrow, we?re ready for you.

To help take care of our planet, we consider sustainability carefully at every stage of product development. The outer casing of Speak2 40 is made with over 50% sustainable materials** and has a number of built-in parts that can be repaired or replaced. Better sustainability = longer speaker life = great calls for you and your team for years to come.

Jabra Speak2 40 UC Speakerphone

SKU: 2740-209
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