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A high quality basic telephone suitable for business, SOHO and home use.  Used across many customer types both big and small including government, business and hospitality workplaces and commmon areas.  Offering large keys, a bright ringer lamp, and genuine six (6) year parts and labour warranty the IQ280 is a useful product for the home or office or wherever a red phone is needed to attract attention or stand out in the crowd.  It is suitable as a fire or similar emergency phone.


  •     Data Port
  •     Ringer Light
  •     Recall Key
  •     Redial Key
  •     Line Powered
  •     6 year warranty
  •     Ringer volume control
  •     Message Waiting Light
  •     Desk or Wall mountable
  •     Soft feet and 3 metre curly cord
  •     Hearing Aid compatible
  •     Ringer pitch control
  •     Wall Mountable - see IQWK3
  •     Suits Emergency, Hotline and Lobby applications

IQ283 Hotline Telephone

    • Tone dialing
    • Ringer lamp
    • Message Waiting lamp
    • 3 position Ringer Volume switch
    • Redial and Pause Keys
    • Data Port
    • Line powered
    • Alpha-numeric Keypad
    • Recall Key 100mS (Call Waiting compatible)
    • Modular connection for installation on desk or wall
    • Hearing Aid compatible
    • Noise cancelling handset microphone
    • REN = 0.68 allows multiple parallel devices - neon (80VDC) - BP250 Message Waiting - other system types optional
    • Wall Mountable - see IQWK3
    • Suits Business, Domestic, Hospitality and Healthcare applications
    • Optional Mute or Push-to-talk Handset
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