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DSU-09M USB Y-training cord connects 2 headsets to PC, supervisor can stay or join the converstation for training an agent.


Simple setup with all control features in-line control board for VoIP communication. Provides crisp and superior sound quality with wideband frequency response receiver. Compatible with All kinds of softphones, MSLync and Office Communicator, Skype and any other voice-driven applications.



- Plug-and-play USB connectivity for fast, simplesetup 

-? Quick disconnect capability allows the headset to detach without losing the call 

-? PC wideband delivers heightened speech clarity, providing the best possible 

-? PC audio quality (headset must support wideband audio) 

-? USB 2.0 audio processor with digital signal processing (DSP) 

-? connects to any Dasan headsets with QD connection 

-? ON/OFF, Mute and receiving volume controlswitches.? 


Freemate USB Training Adapter

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