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The Oricom wake 'N' shake alarm clock is ideal wake up call for persons who are hard of hearing and/or suffer from low vision.


Use it as a stand-alone alarm clock or connect it to your phone and it becomes an extremely loud alarm ringer, with flashing strobe light, vibrating shaker and a jumbo high contrast display for easy reading in low light.


Or you can place the 'shaker' under your pillow and let it 'shake' you awake without disturbing your partner.


The Wake 'N' Shake not only makes it easier to wake up, but can be connected to your existing telephone to hear and see when you have an incoming call.


Now you can easily read the display, even in low light situations.

You can place this under your pillow to shake you for a gentler wake up call; this function will wake you without annoying your partner.


This will inform you visually as well as audibly when the alarm is activated. Simply select vibrate/alarm/strobe


This ensures that you will hear the alarm when it is activated.


Even without power the Wake ?N? Shake will get you there on time.


  • Large easy to read display
  • Large vibrating alert pad
  • Extra bright flashing strobe
  • Extra loud adjustable volume (+95dB max)
  • Variable tone control for alarm
  • Connects to any phone and detects ring
  • Simple to connect
  • Battery backup in case of power fail

Oricom Wake n Shake Alarm Shaker

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