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Over the head, binaural wideband headset w. Large earcaps, with Easy Disconnect. Wideband


Ideal for noisy, open-plan offices and call centres, the SH 350 IP features a noise-cancelling microphone for clearer speech recognition combined with large ear pads which block background noise for enhanced productivity. For extra comfort, the microphone includes a 300? adjustable boom with Teflon?* washer for enhanced stability and durability. Completing the package, the headset boasts an independently adjustable dual-padded headband, ball-mounted speakers and ActiveGard?** technology to protect against acoustic shock. In other words, it?s an ideal wideband headset which channels perfect quality sound to both ears for sustained levels of concentration.

Compared with traditional narrowband headsets, wideband technology offers a more natural and warm sound, and captures more speech details at high and low frequencies. This means that when you connect the SH 350 IP to a wideband supported communications line, you'll definitely notice the natural high-definition sound for superior voice clarity, accented speaker recognition, and reduced echo. The benefits are increased productivity and less fatigue on business calls.

  • HD voice clarity: The SH 350 IP wideband headset delivers natural high-definition sound for superior voice clarity, accented speaker recognition, and reduced echo
  • Boosted productivity: The binaural headset blocks background noise, allowing total concentration for increased productivity
  • Precision positioning: 300? adjustable microphone boom for personalised mic placement, with Teflon?** washer for optimal stability and durability
  • Superior fit: Independently adjustable dual-padded headband and ball-mounted speakers ensure a perfect fit
  • Optimum clarity: A noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient sounds for clearer speech
  • Protected hearing: ActiveGard?* technology protects against acoustic shock and sudden sound surges



Sennheiser SH 350 IP Binaural QD Headset

SKU: 504014
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