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Over the head, binaural headset with extra-large ear caps, Ultra Noise Cancelling mic


A double-sided headset with extra-large ear pads, the CC 550 helps you remain focused in busy offices. Quality speakers deliver rich sound and the ultra noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise ? so you?ll never have to strain to hear or shout to be heard. With ActiveGard?* protection and a durable design, it?s perfect for noisy, open-plan offices.


  • Hearing protection: ActiveGard?* technology protects you from acoustic shock and sudden surges in volume
  • Always intelligible: the ultra noise-canceling microphone filters out ambient noise, so your voice is always clear and easy to understand
  • Optimal speech clarity: the 300? adjustable microphone boom means you can place the microphone just where you want it, while Teflon?** washer support increases positioning accuracy and stability, and ensures optimal durability
  • Perfect fit: independently adjustable, double-sided headband and self-adjusting ball-mounted speakers ensure you get a perfect fit
  • Comfort: generous padding on the headband and extra-large ear pads distribute pressure to guarantee long-lasting comfort
  • Boost productivity: the double-sided headset blocks background noise, allowing you to concentrate ? and increase your productivity

Sennheiser CC 550 Binaural Ultra NC Binaural QD Headset

SKU: 5361
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