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The APC-43 Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) provides you with freedom to move away from your Cisco phone and answer calls from wherever you are - simply with a press of  your wireless headset call control button.


This cable supercedes the APC-42.


When a call is received, you will hear a tone in your ear.  Simply press the talk button to answer the call.   Press again to hang up.


No more rushing back to your desk to answer calls.


The Plantronics APC-42 Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) module enables wireless headset users to place or receive calls without the need to lift the handset of your Cisco phones. 


The APC-43 Cisco EHS supports the following Cisco phones:

  • 6945
  • 7821
  • 7841
  • 7861
  • 7942G
  • 7945G
  • 7962G
  • 7965G 
  • 7975G
  • 8841
  • 8851
  • 8861


For 89xx and 99xx Cisco phones use the APU-72 EHS.

Plantronics/Poly APC-43 EHS

SKU: 38350-13
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