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The wireless IPN W880 headset has been developed for intensive use in and around the workstation.


The extra battery compartment in the headset base station makes your wireless headset always ready for use. The battery can be replaced and charged even while a call is being made.


Making and receiving calls is no problem at all, even in busy office environments. The noise cancelling technology built into the microphone ensures that background noise is kept to a minimum.


The unique conference function enables you to make a conference call between a normal phone and a Windows or MAC computer.


The IPN W880 can be used in combination with practically any telephone.


Power and Battery 6.5 hours of talk time per battery
Range up to 300m
Second battery compartment
External Buttons
and Connectors
External port for electronic hookswitch
VOIP/USB connection
Functions Consultation hold function
Conference call for up to three callers
Hotswap function
Technology DECT technology
Noise cancelling microphone
DECT/GAP compatible

IPN W880

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