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IPN EHS Cable - Suitable for various Handsets. Remote answering functionality.



Avaya 2410

Avaya 5410

Avaya 9608/9610

Avaya 9620/20C/20L

Avaya 9630/30G

Avaya 9640/40C/40G/41G

Avaya 9650/50C

Avaya 9670



Shoretel IP 212K

Shoretel IP 265

Shoretel IP 480/480G

Shoretel IP 565/565G

Shoretel IP 230/230G

Shoretel IP 560/560G



Toshiba DKT 2001/2010/2020

Toshiba IPT 2008/2010/2020

Toshiba DKT 3007/3010/3014/3020

Toshiba DP 5008/5018/5022/5032

Toshiba DP 5122/5130

Toshiba IP 5022/5122/5131/5132

Toshiba IP 5522/5631

IPN 632 Avaya EHS Cable

SKU: IPN-632
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