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The Jabra Link 14201-36 Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) module enables wireless headset users to place or receive calls without the need to lift the handset of your Alcatel phones. 


The 14201-36 Alcatel EHS supports all Alcatel 8-Series (IP) and Alcatel 9 Series (UA) model phones. These phones are IP Touch 4028(1), IP Touch 4038, IP Touch 4068, 4029(1) and 4039 models. 


The Jabra Link 14201-36 Alcatel  EHS works with the following Jabra wireless headsets: Jabra PRO 920, Jabra PRO 9400 Series and Jabra GO 6470.


For GN9120, GN9330 or GN9350 wireless headsets use the 14201-09 Alcatel MSH Adaptor.

Jabra 14201-36 for Alcatel EHS

SKU: 14201-36
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