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The latest in wireless technology, Introducing the Freemate DW-800 Monaural Headset.


The Freemate DW-800 will provide enhanced collaboration in any office or call centre environment through USB, Bluetooth or Telephony connectivity.


With 8 Hours of talk time and a full charge in 3, the DW-800 offers a seemless and superb audio experience.


* This version includes both USB and Telphone Connectivity for PC and Handset Use. 





? Module slot-in for Bluetooth or USB selection (additional cost)


   1) USB module - Phone & VolP


   2) Bluetooth module ? Phone & Smartphone


? Changeable headband from monaural to binaural

? Max 100meter (300ft) coverage

? Patented design

? EHS support

? Quick charging, Simple pairing

? Volume controller, Mute button on headset

? Incoming call notice

Compatible with MS-Lync and most of softphones (with USB module) 

Freemate DW-800 Mono USB / Telephony Headset

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