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State-of-the-art design built to be comfortable for all day use.
Weighted-filter leads superior noise cancelling microphone


DH-051T headset uses a weighted-filter for more clear noise cancelling microphone quality with modern design. The DH-051 is equipped with a flexible microphone boom arm for optimal positioning from the mouth with added large ear cushions for noise reduction. The wideband receiver is suitable for IP telephony and unified communications. 


  Feature at a glance


? Latest aesthetic design

? Weighted filter for clearer Noise Cancel Microphone

? Wideband enabled speakers

? 270?rotation microphone boom

? ?Surefit' adjustable headband

? Acoustic shock protection

? Microphone static shock protection

? Noise cancelling microphone for background noise reduction

? Strong and robust construction


Freemate DH-051T Binaural Corded Headset Top Only

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