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The DH-011T headset succeeds as one of the lightest professional grade headsets in the range; offering a cost-effective solution for any users in office and contact center environments. With a 2-in-1 design, the DH-011T provides a comfortable wearing style, lightweight adjustable headband and ear-hook.? 


The noise cancelling microphone reduces unwanted background noise when used in noisy environments such as contact centers and office spaces. The Acoustic shock protection receiver protects an ear from Acoustic fluctuation. Very compact size with fluent sound audio.


  Features at a glance


- Durable 2-1 n-1 wearing style 

?- ?The receiver with fluent sound audio. 

?- ?Acoustic shock protection receiver 

?- ?Microphone static shock protection

?- ?Flexible microphone boom arm 

?- ?Noise cancelling microphone for background noise reduction 

?- ?Noise reduction receiver for a clear sound 

?- ?Soft headband T-bar for a comfortable wearing

Freemate DH-011T Binaural Corded Headset Top Only

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