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Headset Telephone


Specially designed for all day use, the DA-207 is designed with the soft touch of a dial pad while adapting a computer key-pad concept.

No need separate training cord since there are two headset jacks for agent and supervisor.


With the unique design, you can talk on the phone, take notes and works with PC simultaneously. 

High quality receiving sound by adopting AMSIC chip 

Most endurable ON/OFF switch approved by 50,000 times switching.




- Two headset jacks for agent and supervisor 

- Flash time adjustment switch 

- Receiving volume control 

- Transmission volume control 

- Tone controller to quality low and high sound 

- Mute switch for temporary call suspension 

- Last number redial

- Flash, Repeat dial,  Simultaneous callselection , Extension jack to the other phone and modem , Recording jack for external recorder , LED light in use , Mute switch (LED light) for agent or supervisor?  

Freemate DA-207 Dialler

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