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Bag of 1000 small BLACK sanitary, hygienic, disposable headset covers

Ideal when you want to share office and call centre headsets.



  • Relaxed Size of Outer Diameter ' Approx. 7 cm
  • Relaxed Size of Inner Elastic Hole ' Approx. 2.5 cm
  • Stretched Size of Inner Elastic Hole ' 7.5 cm Max



  • Non-Woven black spun polypropylene


  • Thin Sterile Basic Black Cloth Material covers the Headset and allows sound to pass through
  • Music and voice sound can be easily heard through the material
  • modern black colour to match your headset
  • Enables users to share headsets without transferring infectious bacteria and germs
  • Usable with all types of call centre and office headsets that rest against the ear
  • Frequently used with headsets that are shared such as Call Centre Headsets, Computer User's Headsets, Educational Training Programs, Sales Presentations, Hospital Patients, Language Training, Student Presentations, Courthouse Proceedings, Media Labs, Depositions, Museums, Planetariums, Music Halls, Corporate Presentations, Job Screening Programs, Job Training
  • Purchased by those who are concerned about public health and want to limit the potential spread of infectious diseases, lice, bacteria, influenza and many other germs and contagious bacteria
  • Latex-Free Elastic - Will stretch to cover outer portion of the foam or leatherette portion of the headsets to limit direct contact with the head and ear
  • Comes bagged in quantities of 100 Sterile Stretch Headset Covers per bag
  • Comfortable material does not itch or cause any added pressure against the skin
  • Maintains cleanliness of headsets while limiting the spread of germs between headset users
  • These Disposable Sanitary Stretch Fabric Covers may be easily replaced each time the headsets are used
  • Works well with most standard office and call centre headsets
  • Eliminates need for cleaning agents and disinfectant sprays while keeping the headsets germ-free
  • These small size disposable covers are most frequently used on headsets that have an earpiece that is or less than 6cm in diameter
  • Disposable covers work with mono headsets, stereo headsets and wireless headsets to prevent the spread of lice, bacteria, viruses and body fluids

Disposable Sanitary Ear Cushion Covers - Small (1000pk)

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